1.Call/Whatsapp Cornwall Medical’s appointment centre at 6633 4642 or initiate preliminary consultation and make a doctor’s appointment via Facebook

2.Visit the physician’s clinic at Cornwall Medical to discuss your condition, understand the pros and cons of the treatment plan and the expected outcomes

3.Undergo magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan to confirm the size, location, nature of fibroids or lesions, and to rule out malignancy to determine suitability for Haifu Knife surger

4.Undergo an ultrasound positioning examination to assess bladder, intestine, and ultrasound pathway conditions and create an initial treatment plan

5.If surgery is confirmed, schedule the surgery date with your doctor and pay the surgery deposit;

6.Fast on the day of the surgery, ensure completion of blood tests, MRI, and surgery positioning chart. Sign consent forms, cooperate with medical staff for surgery preparations, and then proceed with the surgery

7.Post-surgery observation for 2 hours. If there are no complications, you can be discharged

8.Follow-up appointments after 1 week, 1 month, and 3 months post-surgery